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Just like being a good student, taking care of yourself requires consistency and dedication. 在bwin体育,我们会支持你.

Your well-being — physical, emotional, social, and spiritual — is a priority at Centre College. Tap into our resources and support so you can thrive. Your opportunity to find community and connection is right here waiting for you.

In the event of an immediate life-threatening crisis, please call 911.
Provide clear directions to your precise location.

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To ensure you maintain optimal physical health, Centre has a team of medical practitioners as well as physician clinics offered four days a week to address your health concerns.

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It’s important to talk through challenges with someone who can listen and support you through them. At Centre, you have free and confidential counseling available, along with additional resources.



JED Foundation Mental Health Resource Center assists with emotional health, 预防自杀, 以及成瘾问题. The site can help you identify core problems and where to get help.


Developing good recreation habits contributes to your physical, social, and mental health. Centre provides many avenues for recreation including intramural sports, 健身运动, open gym and field space for impromptu student activity, 还有像高尔夫这样的校外活动, 徒步旅行, 划独木舟, 和野营.


Our fully equipped fitness facility allows you to build your strength and endurance with weight training and a wide array of cardio equipment.



交朋友的时候保持活跃, 发现社区, and building leadership skills when you participate in one of our intramural sports.



Whether you’re looking to de-stress with a yoga session or opting for a high-impact, cardio-based锻炼, you can easily find a fitness class that will meet your needs.

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At Centre, every meal is a harmony of taste and nutrition. Our chefs are dedicated to crafting menus that not only satisfy your palate but also nourish your well-being. 用最新鲜的, 高质量的原料, 我们提供各种各样的健康食品, flavorful options designed to cater to every diet. Your journey to wellness is complemented by our commitment to nutritional excellence.


健康教育 & 支持


We believe health and well-being are a campus-wide effort, 和在一起, we're committed to fostering a supportive environment for everyone. 我们的健康促进小组, in collaboration with Counseling and Health Services, presents a range of valuable educational trainings and presentations to the larger campus community.

归属感 & 社区



社区 engagement is embedded in our campus culture. You’ll have the opportunity to combine learning and service into your everyday life and work with changemakers on the ground.

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多样性、股票、 & 包容

Be a part of promoting and celebrating our diverse student body and learn how to be open, 好奇的, 包容,让我们都能成功. Learn more about our office’s programs, events, and resources.


学生活动 & 组织

拥有100多个学生俱乐部, 组织, 和活动, 你可以在bwin体育找到属于你的地方. 每学年开始的时候, we host an Expo so you can create countless opportunities to connect.

The opportunity to help a widely diverse group of students think through and work through the spiritual dimensions of their development attracted me to Centre. Whenever a person’s mind is challenged, a person’s body and spirit are challenged as well. We need next generations to integrate these various dimensions of life in a healthy way.



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Whatever you faith, you can feel safe with us to explore and ask life’s tough questions. Centre students represent a myriad of world faiths and more than a dozen Christian denominations.